Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meet the Craftsperson

Mosaic workshop

On Thursday 24th November the 5th and 6th year students were giving the opertunity to go to two workshops with professional craftspeople.

The first craftperson was a ceramics and mosaic artists, Orla Kaminska, who creates artwork for public spaces and peoples homes. Her website ia http://www.orlakaminska.com/ She showed us examples of her finished work and where she got her inspiration from. This was very interesting as we could see where her ideas came from and how she turned them into mosaics. She explained the different types of mosaics, and even had small example for us to pass around.
We then go the opertunity to make our own mosaic , helped along by our artist obviously! Everyone enjoyed working on the project together.
Silk fibre paper making workshop

After the mosaic workshop we went to anoth one called silk fibre paper meking. None of us know what this would be about. We thought paper making might be a bit boring but it deffinately wasnt.  Our artist showed us examples of cvery colourful fabric and paper all made from waste silk fibres. She explained how silk is made by silk worms and even showed us a silk in a cocoon!

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