Wednesday, September 27, 2017

All Shook Up - Week 3

Last week the girls began by blocking in all the shapes in the backdrop design using pale and plain colours. Then the girls were divided up into smaller groups and each took a section of the backdrop to work on. They began adding lots more tone, texture and in general attention to detail.

Friday, September 15, 2017

All Shook Up - At the beginning

The TY set team for our 2017 Musical has been decided upon. The girls have been busy for our first two Thursdays - painting over all of last year's hard work with white paint :-) Coming up with the ideas for the composition for the back wall, and sketching it up / painting the details on with light grey paint. Lots more work ahead - watch this space to watch the stage work develop!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

2nd Year Monochromatic Tinfoil Relief Panels

For their first week back to school, one of Ms.Keogh's 2nd year art classes made an abstract relief panel using string, glue, tinfoil and cardboard. They then revised their monochromatic colour theory mixing skills that they learnt lats year. Then they carefully painted the various sections of the panel using a starting colour and it's monochromatic range of tints and tones.

First & Second Year Summer Tests 2017

Here you can see some examples of the observational drawing summer tests completed by our 1st and 2nd Years in May 2017. 1st years drew on A3 paper, 2nd Years drew on A2. You can also see that 2nd years drew an enlargement of an interesting feature of their chosen object. well done girls - a great demonstration of the skills learnt over the course of the school year.