Friday, September 30, 2011

2nd yr van gogh sunflowers

2nd Year Van Gogh Inspired Painting Project

Last May I helped my 1st year class plant sunflower seeds. I thaught them how to nurture them over the summer in the hope that we could bring them into school in September and paint them, just like Vincen Van Gogh did!

In September the girls arrived in with these fantastic sunflowers!!

Support Studies

As a class we looked at and discusses two Van Gogh Paintings. Stary Night and Sunflowers. 

Students described what they saw in Van Gogh's work, they looked at the subject matter, media, style and techniques hes used.

Looking at starry night and other Van Gogh paintings student used a viewfinder to select an area of interest to them. Using Oil pastels they drew their selected area mimicking the techniques used by Van Gogh.

Once they had completed this task they began a larger drawing in Oil Pastel of sunflowers.

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