Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Leaving Certificate Still Life

Leaving Certificate
Still Life

1.       Select a range of objects for a still life using the novel you have read as your inspiration.
a.       No more than 5 objects, this would include any fabric.
b.      Choose interesting objects that are relevant to your theme.
c.       Choose objects with a variety of textures.
d.      Be realistic, choose object that you are able to draw.

2.       Select the media you will use to execute your still life.
a.       You must be able to use your chosen media with proficiency.
b.      Black and White or
c.       Colour or
d.      Monotone
e.      If using mixed media no more than 3 different media.
f.        No oil paints.

3.       Arrange your still life.
a.       Consider your composition carefully.
b.      Use your theme as your inspiration.
c.       Do small sketches of your composition from different angles.
d.      Use the rule of thirds.
e.      Use lead in lines and diagonal lines.
f.        Create height.
g.       Fill the page.

4.       Begin making your Painting/Drawing.
a.       Draw a 2-3cm border around the outside of your A2 page.
b.      Draw an the outlines of all of you objects 1st
c.       Make sure they are in proportion
d.      Work on them evenly, giving each object min 30mins
e.        2 ½ hrs in total

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