Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3rd year Easter homework

Project work due Monday 4th April / Classwork for this Friday and Monday

1)    Step by step shape and line drawings showing the stages of your 3D piece construction.

·        Roughly 4- 6 shape and line drawings depending on what exactly you made / labelling using what.
·        Think back over your process – what did you do first, second, third etc?
·        Small clear drawings, no colour needed.
·        On blank paper not lined paper.
·        They will be going on your 3D prep sheet.

2)    Lino Print Prep Drawings

·        When we return after the Easter break we will only have 4 WEEKS to do all work for your lino and get the project finished. You must return with 6 prep drawings done so we can move straight into lino composition work. Aim for the following:
·        Choose a drawing from earlier in your project as your starting point that you have not yet used (it can count as one of your 6 to hand up) OR choose a completely new starting point developed on from your 3D piece.
·        Do more visual research if you need to – save any images you find / use
·        Try to complete the following using a variety of media

o   2 observational drawings
o   2 imaginary drawings

o   2 from visual images

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