Monday, December 9, 2013

Ty neo impressionist painting

Transition Year
Neo-Impressionist Project

The Transition Year Art Class has been studying French Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painters. We particularly liked the work of George Seurat, and his paintings made from thousands of tiny dots. This technique is call Pointillism. We decided to make our own version of Sunday at La Grande Jatte using the techniques Seurat used. We started by enlarging our small copy of the painting onto a 3m X 2m board, the exact size of the original. We then blocked in the main areas of colour so we could see where everything would go. Once we were happy with this we mixed up all the colours we would need, just as Seurat would have. Then we applied thousands of tiny dots to make our Pointillist painting. Seurat’s idea was that the painting should be viewed from a distance to create optical mixing. This is where all the dots merge and mix together in the viewer’s eye rather than on the painting. So take a step back and enjoy our painting.

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